Off the Record Music Review Has A Blast At Lower Lake Ranch!

Off the Record Music Review recently joined forces with Lower Lake Ranch to bring our students a weekend of appreciation and fun. Check us out at…

With our guidelines of communication, students strive to express how they interpret and perceive mainstream music. Written articles, spoken interviews, and interpretive dance help students build portfolios and experience in the music critic industry.

While we work with our students, of various ages, we strive not to extinguish the childlike curiosity and innocence which brings music to life, and thus, we sought a place to allow our students to be what they are, children.

Lower Lake Ranch gave us just the place, with the multitude of activities they offer.



Lower Lake ranch is a sprawling property that covers 3500 acres and dates back to the 1860’s. While LLR is traditionally booked for weddings and corporate events, its rustic appeal and outdoorsy accommodations provided the perfect location to have a weekend of recreational and memorable fun.

It served the dual purpose of having picturesque landscaping and scenery for a relaxing, rejuvenating weekend for adults, and a hands-on nature experience for children.

The invitation was extended to some of our students’ favorite musicians and bands, who agreed to attend the event in order to provide mini concerts and meet and greets on the sprawling lawns of the ranch.

Students and their families were able to create life-long memories of fly fishing and gold panning. Others chose to form teams with their idols and role models, pitting their skill and luck against other teams in kickball, baseball, horseshoes, or volleyball tournaments.

Families, artists and company representatives alike were given the choice between staying in a number of picturesque and quaint cabins provided by the ranch, and sprawling tents set around campfires.

While Lower Lake Ranch staff demonstrated their exemplary culinary skills once each day, we strove to have children and family alike participate in grilling and roasting, providing fun-filled and delicious life experiences for all.

The entire retreat was an enormous success, and families, artists, and the staff of Off Records Music Review as well as Lower Lake Ranch look forward to making this an annual event.

Plans have already been set in motion for next year’s retreat, and we are accepting suggestions on how to make it even more memorable and unique than the first.